Term 1 2023 Information – MUST READ!

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Term 1 2023

Parent Volunteers Needed for Road Patrols

If you are able to assist with Road Patrols before and after school, please email ian.svela@rewarewa.school.nz urgently, so that we can get our parent roster started.

Please could all parents complete the following survey for Easyswim in relation to your child’s swimming lessons at school this term, before 9am this Friday 03 February:


Welcome back to school! We have enjoyed seeing all of our wonderful students, along with their whanau, back at school this week. This newsletter contains key information about the term ahead, so please take time to read it carefully.

Rewa Rewa Staff

Our teachers have lots of fun lessons planned, just waiting to inspire their learners. It was lovely to catch up with so many families who attended the first Meet the Teacher day last Friday. We encourage you to stay in touch with your child’s teacher during the year ahead, especially if you have a query or a concern, as together, we all want the very best outcome for each student.

Introducing our teaching team:

Ian Svela (DP Seniors)     Ahi Class (Yr 6), Rm 5                    ian.svela@rewarewa.school.nz

Portia France                   Whenua Class (Yr 4-5), Rm 4         portia.france@rewarewa.school.nz

Liz Martindale                 Hau Class (Yr 4-5), Rm 3               liz.martindale@rewarewa.school.nz

Avi Jayasekara  (DP Juniors)  Wai 2 Class (Yr 1-3), Rm 2      avi.jakasekara@rewarewa.school.nz

Helen Pine                      Wai 1 Class (Yr 1-3), Rm 1             helen.pine@rewarewa.school.nz

Danielle Matthews          Wai Class (NE), beside Rm 1        danielle.matthews@rewarewa.school.nz

Our support team includes: Corina Baker (ORS/Learning Support), Carolyn Collis & Diane Griffith (Part-time Release Teachers), Michelle, Claire, Fran, Milly & Samantha (Teacher Aides) and Learning Support Co-ordinators Sue and Lisa (based at Newlands Primary). Delwyn Spargo is our Office Manager and Al Pearce, our Caretaker.


School Newsletters

We expect all parents/caregivers to take an interest in what is happening at our school whilst your child is with us. We ask that you read every school newsletter and notice, as these will keep you in touch with all the great things happening at our school and how you can also be involved.  Regular newsletters are emailed to families in Weeks 3, 6 & 9 each term.  Please do not delete your email from the mailing list, as this method is also be used to contact families in the event of a school-wide emergency.  We encourage every parent to download our free school app and enable notifications so that you can read content online, especially if you do not regularly check emails.

Class Newsletters

Each class teacher will email at least 1 class newsletter per term to keep parents informed about their own class events/programme. To contact your child’s teacher either email them, drop in to see them or make an appointment with them if you need a bit more time.

Rewa Rewa School Facebook Page (Closed Group)

This can be a great way to check in on school events – if swimming is on/off, reminders about trips, school hui & events, Scholastic Book Club etc. We encourage parents/caregivers to join.  Please note, this page cannot be viewed by the general public. 

Online Learning Posts

These posts are used by class teachers in several ways – either to share your child’s progress as part of our reporting to parents cycle or to share photos showing your child in action in the classroom. Senior students also use a platform where families have access their child’s learning at any time. In times where the school has been closed and we have needed to use an online platform for class lessons, all families have needed to access to these platforms.


Please NOTIFY the OFFICE before 9am every day your child is absent (unless you have notified a definite return date), rather than the class teacher. This can be done by email, via the school website (Absences) or telephoning school (04 939 0186 – please leave a message if your call is not answered). We will then inform their class teacher. This simple action ensures that the Office knows that your child is safe and prevents our Office Manager spending an hour or more each day checking where children are.

Medical & Emergencies

We must be able to contact you at all times during school hours, so please answer all school phone messages/texts immediately. In the event of an emergency requiring doctor/hospital, response time is crucial. We ask that parents collect their child within 30 minutes in the event that they become unwell at school, as we only have 1 bed in a very cold Sick Bay.  Government requirements for Covid-19 are strictly adhered to.  Please advise us immediately if your child becomes a Household Contact or tests Positive and we will then advise you according to current guidelines.  If your child is generally unwell, they must stay at home until they are symptom-free and feeling well.  If your child has any vomiting or diarrhoea, they must stay at home until 48 hrs after the last episode and cannot swim in our school pool for 2 weeks (MOH).

Sun and Shade

All students must have a named, wide-brimmed sunhat that they keep at school during Terms 1 & 4. Orders are taken for hats with our school logo once or twice per year.  Otherwise, purchase your child’s hat from a local retailer. Water bottles (no fizzy drinks please), and sunscreen applied before students arrive at school are also recommended.  Sanitiser will continue to be supplied for classroom use in 2023.

Eating at School

We supervise our students when they are eating. Any uneaten food will always come home so that you can see what your child is eating/leaving. We appreciate families reducing plastic waste, so encourage reusable containers that your child is able to open independently. Please provide utensils for yoghurt, rice etc. We have spare food in the staff kitchen for those who forget to bring their lunch. Please do not include sweets or chewing gum in your child’s lunch. We also prefer that food is not given out to classes for birthday treats. Online ordering for lunches is available from www.lunchonline.co.nz 1 day per week, please check their website for details.

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Upcoming Events


2023 Term Dates

Term 1

Tuesday 31 January—Thursday 06 April

Monday 06 February – Waitangi Day Observed, School Closed

Friday 07 April—Good Friday, School Closed

Term 2

Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

Tuesday 25 April—ANZAC Day, School Closed

Friday 02 June—Teacher Only Day, School Closed

Monday 05 June—Queen’s Birthday, School Closed

Term 3

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term 4

Monday 09 October – Friday 15 December (School closes at 1pm on the last day)

 Monday 23 October—Labour Day, School Closed


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