Extra Curricular

Students with mathematical ability are invited to participate in this team based maths competition which promotes using high-level problem-solving strategies.

Otago Maths
Children who show mathematical ability have the opportunity to participate in a problem-solving competition aimed primarily at Intermediate School level (Year 7 – 8).

Every year students at Rewa Rewa School has the opportunity to take part in the annual Wellington Artsplash event. We send a dance troupe even years, choir odd years, and participate in the Visual Art exhibition.

The ePro8 Challenge
We send teams of students from the senior school to participate in a competition that involves the application of engineering and problem-solving skills. Students are asked to apply their skills to build large-sized structures and solve practical problems that use: pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles, invent machines that can complete simple tasks, undertake unusual and fun experiments, construct basic electronic circuits, to solve interesting problems using practical maths.

Students are encouraged to participate in this external Australasian competition. Our small school has achieved some very high results over the last few years.