Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
All students at Rewa Rewa School participate in Outdoor Education pursuits. These experiences provide our students with opportunities to demonstrate their key competencies and R.I.D.E. values beyond the walls of the classroom. Our senior class attends camp bi-annually, whilst all Year 1 to 4 students are immersed in a range of outdoor activities that promote problem-solving and social skills interactions.

During your child’s time at Rewa Rewa School students are able to participate in a range of sporting opportunities. These may include gymnastics, touch rugby, cross country, soccer, netball, swimming, triathlon, inter-school swimming carnival and tennis. Individual pursuits, as well as team and competitive matches, are encouraged.

Learning outside the classroom is important at Rewa Rewa School. Visits to local institutions such as Te Papa, the Marine Aquarium, Observatory and Zealandia are typical examples of these.

Swimming in Rewa Rewa School Pool
Rewa Rewa has a fully heated swimming pool with a retractable roof.  We offer swimming lessons to each student during Term 1 and 4, with the programme led by Easyswim instructors.