Newsletter 9, Term 3 Wk 9

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UPDATE – school telephones are now operational, following yesterday’s outage.

Newsletter 9, Term 3 Week 9

Wednesday 21 September 2022

We have completed a wonderful term of learning and community involvement. It is particularly fitting to end it with a Celebration of Student Learning where we share our knowledge of Te ao Māori through a NZ local history lens. Over 100 members of our whanau will be attending the 6pm performance tomorrow night and more than 80 have returned an RSVP for our 2pm, Friday 23 September matinee. Please read the email that was sent out on Monday for further details. Thank you to all of our performers and teachers for your hard mahi over the last term.

A reminder that there is a special, one-off public holiday and schools are closed on Monday 26 September to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Enrichment Opportunities


Our Year 5 & 6 students have spent 2 days over the last week undertaking technology challenges in the local level competition and we now have 2 teams ready to compete at a regional level. Thank you to Charlotte Hills for organising this opportunity for our tamariki.

University of Canterbury Maths Exams (CAM)

Our huge congratulations to the following students for entering the Canterbury University exams this year: Ananyaa, Clara, Eddy, Gino, Kelly and Terry. Their achievements included 5 Excellences, 2 Merits, 1 Achieved and 5 Participated.


Our 2 teams recently competed against other schools in the Wellington region. We were incredibly proud of the way in which you all worked together through each of the challenges. Well done to Ananyaa, Clara, Eddy, Gino, Kelly and Yunus.

DanceSplash 2022

It was wonderful to sit in the audience and watch our 32 dancers perform at the Michael Fowler Centre last week. Under the direction of Helen Pine, hours of lunchtime practices meant that they shone like stars under the spotlights. We are SO proud of you all!

School Volunteers

Lynnda, one of our kaumatua, manages not only our volunteer PTP tutors, who work each week with our student readers, but also regularly tends to our gardens. Likewise, Miranda and Rochelle are responsible for Scholastic Book orders and Lauren organises our Hauora Wellbeing Group. We thank you all for your amazing service to our school. Please email if you can assist in any way – we are always looking for more help with the gardens.


Board Election Closes 4pm, Thursday 22 September

Voting closes at 4pm, tomorrow (Thursday 22 September).  Votes can be dropped into the ballot box in the School Office till voting closes and they will then be couriered to the Returning Officer for counting.  If you are posting your vote, it must reach the Returning Officer by the end of the fifth day after voting closes.  So, vote now!  It is important to have people representing your voice on our next board. Results will be announced to the community once nominees have been informed of whether they have been successful or not.  We expect that this will be at the end of next week.

Outgoing Board News

At last week’s board meeting we farewelled longstanding board members Mark Williams, Angela Schleif and Ambresh Kapoor who have served our school over the last 6+ years and given support to the many positive initiatives that have helped to create a school we can be proud of.

The Board’s final news to share with you is the development of our top field into a bike skills course, athletics track and fitness area. Watch this space in Term 4 to learn more about this project and ways you can help us achieve it, such as bulldozing, drainage, signage, sponsorship, fundraising, lighting. Our first fundraiser will be a Xmas raffle in term 4. To view the plan for this 3-Stage development check the Community Noticeboard facing the quad.

Reporting to Parents Survey Result

Thank you to those who took part in this survey – 25% of our parent community. As we are trialling a new schedule this year, it is important that parents offer feedback, so that we can continue to improve this. This term, parents will have received 3 Seesaw posts – 1 each for your child’s reading, writing and maths – showing what your child is achieving at this point in time. The key feedback received from the survey was:

  • Parents appreciated the timely feedback about their child’s progress and achievement
  • Most parents surveyed had read their child’s Terms 1-2 reading, writing & maths Seesaw Posts
  • The majority of respondents liked the new ‘face to face’ meeting dates – i.e. the day before school started in term 1 and mid-term 2.
  • Some parents may need further support to understand curriculum achievement levels – 88% had their child’s progress clearly explained to them, 72% felt their child’s achievement was clearly explained to them and 86% had their child’s reading, writing and maths curriculum level shared with them

We will use this information to continue to develop how we report to parents. At the end of term 4, all students who have been at our school for at least 10 weeks will receive a written report.


To help us plan ahead, please pre-enrol your child as soon as they turn 4. You can do this online via our website or collect an enrolment pack from the Office. At the moment, with our roll sitting at 143 students, we need to ensure that we have staffing and classrooms organised so that all of our students are well accommodated.

School Traffic

WCC representatives met with us this week to discuss ways of solving the multitude of problems caused by drivers outside our school. In the meantime, we ask that you:

  • Do not undertake u-turns or reverse along the school’s frontage
  • Do not park your car on the grass verge of our neighbours’ properties
  • Do not let your child get out of a car directly in front of oncoming traffic
  • Do not drop your children off or pick them up in the staff carpark – this is a NO STUDENT zone

Welcome to Oliver & Oshada, along with their families.  We hope you enjoy learning with us at Rewa Rewa School!

School Communication

We were recently asked by a parent how the school would contact them if there was a whole school emergency. Please find a quick reference guide below for you to keep in a safe place for future reference. One huge problem we have at the moment is parents who don’t answer calls from school when we ring about their child.  Calls to parents are almost always because their child is sick or injured. Please ensure that you are always able to be contacted from 9 am to 3 pm each day. We suggest that you take a few minutes NOW to familiarise yourselves with how the school will send communications.

Board Election 2022

1 day to go – drop your vote into the ballot box in the School Office now!

Voting closes 4pm, Thursday 22 September.

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Voting Closes for Board Elections

Te Ao Māori Celebration (5pm shared food)

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2022 Term Dates

Term 3

Monday 25 July – Friday 30 September

Term 4

Monday 17 October – Thursday 15 December (School closes at 1pm on the last day)

Mon 24 October—Labour Day, School Closed

2023 Term Dates

Term 1

Tuesday 31 January—Thursday 06 April

Monday 06 February – Waitangi Day Observed, School Closed

Friday 07 April—Good Friday, School Closed

Term 2

Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

Tuesday 25 April—ANZAC Day, School Closed

Friday 02 June—Teacher Only Day, School Closed

Monday 05 June—Queen’s Birthday, School Closed

Term 3

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term 4

Monday 09 October – Friday 15 December (School closes at 1pm on the last day)

 Monday 23 October—Labour Day, School Closed


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