Newsletter 8, Term 3 Week 10 2021

18 Padnell Crescent Newlands Wellington 6037

Newsletter 8, Term 3 Week 10

Wednesday 29 September 2021

First Day of Term Reminder

  1. Wide-brimmed sunhats are required every day in term 4
  2. Swimming togs & towels will be required for the first day of term – Monday 18 October
  3. Please apply sunscreen to your child before they arrive at school in term 4

Well done everyone – we’re safely at Level 2 and I have my fingers crossed that by the time term 4 begins, we will be in Level 1 again. I am so full of admiration for the amazing way that you have continued to build your child/ren’s resilience and positivity throughout these challenging times.

I would also like to personally thank my teaching and support staff for doing such a magnificent job of looking after our school community in my absence during term 2. In particular, Charlotte Hills, who undertook the role of Acting Principal and did an outstanding job. In the terms ahead I will be reporting back to the school community on the work that I undertook during my sabbatical.

Our roll continues to blossom and grow – it currently stands at 126 students. We welcome all of the new students and their whanau who have recently joined our Rewa Rewa School family.

In the meantime, we wish all of our families a safe and well-deserved break. See you all back on Monday 18 October.

School Photos

These were to have been taken this term, but lockdown intervened. We are very lucky to have been able to rearrange a new date in term 4: Monday 29 November. Plenty of time to get those haircuts done ahead of time. More information will be available soon.

Rewa Rewa School Board News

All NZ school ‘Boards of Trustees’ are now to be referred to as “The Board” and the Board Chair is now known as the Presiding Member.

Staffing at Rewa Rewa school

We welcome Phillippa Brosnahan to our New Entrant classroom. At Rewa Rewa School we know how important it is to give our new students the very best start to their schooling. Phillippa will be joining Avi Jayasekera in term 4 so that we can keep the teacher:student ratio very low. The board is also funding an additional $3000 in term 4 for teacher aide hours, so that we can support our unfunded students who need access to learning support.

ASC Programme

The board welcomes the Y as the new OSCAR-approved After School Care provider at Rewa Rewa School. As from Monday 1 November, week 3 term 4, the Y (YMCA), will operate their onsite ASC programme in our school hall. An information evening was held last evening for our parent community to find out more about this service. If you were unable to attend, but would like to find out more, please visit their website and/or contact them via

This holidays, a 20% discount is offered to all Rewa Rewa families who enrol at their Johnsonville holiday programme (based at Johnsonville school). The board would like to thank the ASC team, including Frances, Tonni, Neve and Nazneen for their services to our ASC programme.

Term 4 Teacher Only Day & Emergency Unification Drill

All of the primary schools, intermediate and college in the Newlands cluster were due to hold a joint teacher only day hui in term 4 (Friday 22 October), as well as an emergency unification practice later in the term. These two events have been postponed until 2022.

Dancesplash Performance

As you may be aware, Dancesplash 2021 has been cancelled due to Covid-19 changing levels.  However, the hard work of our dance team not been wasted, as they have been performing for the school today.  If you would like to see this group in action, please stand on the carpark side of the fence to the playground today at 2.45pm and be amazed!


As many of you will be aware, during Level 4 & 3 lockdown our school property was badly vandalised. This included the removal of all the outdoor bell speakers, which has disabled our bell system; wire cages being cut, wire mesh fencing and gates being cut; a gate latch being broken and tagging appearing over parts of the school. We ask that those in our community continue to watch our special school during the coming holidays and that you report any suspicious behaviour to the police. Thank you.

Mid-Year Data

Each year at this time of the reporting cycle our board receives comprehensive reports about the progress and achievement of our students. This information is used by the teaching team to track target students and adjust teaching and learning opportunities within each classroom. In brief, those achieving At or Above their expected curriculum area: Reading 87%   Writing 82%   Maths 86%. Please email if you would like to request a copy of the full report. The board is also informed about our progress with the annual Variance Goals, PAT yr 4 – 6, attendance and student wellbeing.

Property Projects

Over the next term, projects that have been on hold will be getting closer to their start dates. These include:

  • The Junior Playground development
  • Reroofing of the hall
  • Drainage on the lower field
  • Health & Safety gutter improvements
  • Closed-in areas near classroom entrances to offer shelter and a place for wet weather gear
  • New student toilets
  • New steps up to the top field (still to be confirmed)

Parent Fundraising Committee

The Kathryn Berkett fundraiser “Device Zombies“ has been rescheduled for 6.30-8pm, 24 November. Tickets are $20 with lots of fabulous raffle prizes to be won. Further bookings will be available at here (Eventbrite), as from 15 October.

We welcome Janel, Dylivia, Alex, Scarlett, Michelle & Farida and their families to Rewa Rewa School.  We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Curriculum – Persuasive Writing from Junior Students to Mark Chinese Language Week

I think we can learn new words in Mandarin because you can use your RIDE values, like Integrity.  When you make a mistake, that means you are learning.  Also Diversity – do not make fun of others and Empathy, you take care of others.


I think we can learn new words because it would be good for your brain  – like Mandarin.  Like, if you went for a flight when your mom and dad wants to visit her grandma and also grandpa.  If also you didn’t know how to speak Chinese, that’s why we learn new words.  This story is true.  I went to China and didn’t know how to speak Chinese.  When I was 4-5, I still didn’t know how to speak Chinese.  So, that’s why.


Upcoming Events…

Friday 12 November         9am-12 noon

Monday 29 November

NIS Orientation Day

School Photos

2021 Term Dates

Term 3

Tue 27 July – Fri 01 October (school closes at 3pm)

Term 4

Mon 18 October – Wed 15 December (1pm)

Labour Day Mon 25 October – School Closed

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