#4 Covid-19 Delta Level 2 Community Newsetter

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#4 Covid-19 Delta Level 2 Community Newsetter

Wednesday 08 September 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This week and next we are welcoming our students and families back to school – very exciting! This newsletter is being sent to you to clarify what Level 2 will look like for you as you return on either Thursday 10 September or after the weekend on Monday 13 September.

There have been some significant protocol changes made by the MOH and MOE from the last time that we experienced Level 2. So, we do urge you to become familiar with these, as it is important that we continue to ensure that school is a safe environment for each of us. One major change is that we do not need to keep students away from those in other classes and that children can play together outside, as well as using shared equipment.

COVID-19 Delta Level 2 Protocols

  • If your child is unwell in any way they must stay at home. Please advise our school office before 9 am each day that your child is absent by emailing office@rewarewa.school.nz or telephone (04) 939 0186
  • Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms must stay out of our school grounds and not come onsite until medically cleared
  • Please have your phone switched on at all times and be prepared to quickly collect your child from the office
  • If you or anyone in your family / close contact either has Covid-19 or has been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 you MUST RING THE PRINCIPAL IMMEDIATELY ((04) 939 0186), and keep away from the school site. Health officials will then be informed by the school and we will follow their instructions with regard to informing families and sanitising our school. The school would likely be closed for at least 72 hours, at short notice.
  • We are putting in place sound Health & Safety protocols to keep all those in on our school grounds safe. However, we take no responsibility for any person either catching / passing on Covid-19 to any other person.

Arriving At School

  • For the week ahead our staff, wearing hi-vis vests and masks, will be at our 2 main entry gates to the quad to greet all students on their arrival
  • Children may arrive between 8.30 am – 9.00 am
  • On arrival, each child must go straight to the entry door for their classroom
  • Please support your child/ren by dropping them a safe distance from these entry points and staying 2 metres away from others

Pick-Up At The End Of The Day

Wai classes (Yr 1 – 3), and their siblings can be collected from 2.45 pm. All other students will leave the school at 3 pm through our 2 main gates from the quad.

If you enter the school grounds to collect your child please:

  • Wear a mask
  • Scan the QR sign and sign the contact register at the exterior door of your child’s classroom
  • Stay 2m from others whilst you wait outside the buildings. Staff will bring your child to you.

 Things To Share With Your Child Before They Return To School

  • On arrival they need to walk straight to their classroom through their entry door
  • Ahi team and Wai team teachers are all onsite and are organising fun student programmes for them
  • They will be able to work in groups and play together outside
  • The Adventure Playground remains out of bounds until advised otherwise
  • Sanitiser will be used EVERY time they re-enter the classroom block
  • They will wash their hands before they eat and dry using paper towels
  • They are allowed to share school equipment
  • Singing is not allowed (MOH guideline)

Wearing Masks At School

  • Masks are not compulsory for students or staff to wear. If your child wishes to wear a mask and can use it correctly, we will support this. We will not be providing masks for students, so please send a clean one each day.
  • Staff are not required to wear masks, but may choose to do so.
  • All parents / visitors coming into our Office and Admin area must wear a mask

Coming Onsite During The School Day

All parents/ visitors must register at the office on arrival. We ask that you wear a mask, use hand sanitiser, scan the QR code (for you record) and sign the contact register (for our record).  You are welcome to email office@rewarewa.school.nz with any queries instead.

School Cleaning

Each day all classroom teachers will wipe shared surfaces such as table tops using approved surface disinfectant.

Each evening our cleaning contractors will thoroughly clean and wipe surfaces such as door handles, classrooms and toilets using a high grade disinfectant.

Devices To Return

If your child was given a school device to use during lockdown, please return this (along with the charger), to the Office on your child’s first day back at school.

We look foward to seeing you all very soon!

Nga mihi


Jan Otene


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