Newsletter 3, Term 1 Week 6 2020

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Reminder: Parents coming to the Leading the Way in Education evening tonight, please arrive at 5.45pm ready for a 6pm start. Children booked for childcare should be taken to the Hall on arrival.

Last week our classes were humming – Waste Warriors worked with the WCC to analyse our food and litter waste, complicated algebraic equations and buddy reading were undertaken by our senior students and Whero students ‘sold’ tickets to a dinosaur puppet show. This learning doesn’t happen by accident – our teaching team is very skilfully ensuring that high quality opportunities can be accessed by our students. If you would like to know more about our curriculum programmes come to the community evening tonight where you can meet the experts we are working alongside.

   Buddy Readers – Seniors Helping Juniors                                          Waste Warriors with James from the WCC

Meet the Teacher and 3-Way Interviews Data

For our school to thrive, a strong partnership between home and school is essential. The Board and staff cannot do this job alone – we need our community to actively participate in order to build a strong foundation and deliver quality programmes which will benefit all students.

Key stats from these events were:

Meet the Teacher Evening

3-Way Interviews

75%  yr 1 – 2  parent turnout  (66% in 2019)

57%  yr 3 – 4 parent turnout  (69% in 2019)

45%  yr 5 – 6 parent turnout  (69% in 2019)

Overall turnout: 61%               (68% in 2019)

91% yr 1 – 2 parent turnout     (81% in 2019)

88% yr 3 – 4 parent turnout     (81% in 2019)

76% yr 5 – 6  parent turnout     (97% in 2019)

Overall turnout: 86%                 (86% in 2019)

Parent Volunteers: 12 parents offered their skills to support the school at the Meet the Teacher evening – we would love to hear from you if you can assist this year.

This week we are asking parents who attended these events to complete a 2-question online survey which asks for your feedback. This will be used to refine how we undertake these events in the future. When you look at the stats that were gathered, ask yourself – what am I actively doing this year to contribute to this partnership?



As advised on Monday, vehicles using Padnell Crescent will be affected by this work between 9 am and 2.30 pm on both days. We ask that those who drive to school please be patient and courteous to the roadworks team. It would help if you avoided coming through this section of the road on these 2 days – allow extra time to park further away and walk. Thank you for your support.


Community Curriculum Evening –

TONIGHT – Wednesday 11 March @ 6 pm

We have had a great number of responses – don’t miss this opportunity to meet the experts working with us to develop our own localised curriculum. Mark Treadwell (C21 Learning), Michelle Thwaites (DIMC maths) and Sarah Aiono (Longworth Education- Learning through Play), will be speaking and answering any questions that you may have. Free childcare is available in the hall for school-aged children whilst parents are at the Community Curriculum Evening – you must have pre-booked a space for your child.

Property Developments

We have been working hard in the background applying for MOE funding to support fencing modifications and a new sensory room for students whose learning would benefit from this. A substantial contract has been awarded to our school and we expect that work will begin in our playground very soon. As soon as the plans have arrived from our property managers, we will display them in the Office area for our community to view. The sunshade sails are also expected to be installed very soon!

Scholastic Book Fair Sales

Thank you to every family purchased from the school’s book fair. We sold an incredible $1500 worth of books, giving us purchasing points to buy new stock for our school library. Thank you for your generosity, especially families who gifted a book purchase to the school. A huge thank you to Claire (our librarian), and Alana (one of our student librarians), for making this such a success.

After School Care Programme (ASC)

Our ASC programme continues to offer our community a wonderful service. We are very pleased to announce that we have filled the supervising role – Frances Prowse has joined the team to share the Supervisor role along with Tonni Wilson, to ensure that we can continue to run this valuable programme. Please note that a holiday programme is not currently offered. 

Term 1 School Policy Reviews

The following policies are being reviewed online at SchoolDocs by our community this term:

  • Recognition of Cultural Diversity
  • Staff leave
  • Separated parents, Day-to-Day care, and guardianship

Please email for login details to SchoolDocs.

Mark Williams (Board Chair), Naomi Godfrey, Ambresh Kapoor & Angela Schleif

COVID-19 Update

For the most up to date information on how schools are preparing for this, please see the letter emailed yesterday, available on the What’s On page of our website under Notices.

If your child is unwell for any reason, please keep them home from school and call or email the Office each day they are away.  There seem to be a high number of children with coughs, colds and sore throats currently. We ask that you keep them comfortable at home until they are feeling well and can return to school.

A warm welcome to Jacob & Khubaib and families.  We hope you enjoy learning at Rewa Rewa School!


We welcome Helen Pine as a permanent member to our teaching team. We are in the process of appointing a fixed term teacher for Kahurangi in term 2, whilst Charlotte Hills is Acting Principal. Our principal, Jan Otene, has been awarded a ministry sabbatical to undertake educational study. Her research will look into the types of initiatives used to build our personal Wellbeing skills.

Home & School Parent Group

Our first meeting of the term will be held 6 pm Wednesday 18 March in the staffroom. This is an ideal way to meet other parents at our school and for parents to start to feel that they belong to the school. Everyone is welcome! Existing members – see if you can bring a new person to this meeting.

Naomi Godfrey (Chairperson)

Student Leaders

We congratulate the following students who have been chosen by their classes to be our first student leaders for 2020. They are already starting to plan how they can make a difference in our school:

Raffy (Yr 6), Shadaye (Yr 5), Pranesh (Yr 5), Ananyaa (yr 4), Clara (Yr 3), Mathius (Yr 2)

Peer Mediators

Our Peer Mediators play a huge role in assisting their peers in the playground to resolve any conflict during play. They are easily identified by the yellow vests that they wear whilst on duty and our students know they can approach them at any time for help and support.

Andrew, Ben, Cole, Danny-Lee, Mary, Matilda, Muhummad, Pharoah, Raffy, Teina & TJ

Supporting Students with Talents and Special Abilities

Initiatives such as Otago Maths, EPro8 and Mathswell give our senior students the opportunity to shine in the wider community. Yr 4 – 6 students will again be offered the choice to participate in the Australasian ICAS competition this year. In the past, our students have achieved many High Distinctions and even a gold medal! Watch out for the enrolment form with entry fee information coming home soon.

We encourage all of our students to share their amazing talents with us at either assemblies or in this newsletter. So, don’t forget to let us know!

Happening in Our School

A very enthusiastic Garden Club session – 30 lettuce plants planted, vege plot weeded and the office garden weeded. They were rewarded with the fruits of their labour, eating strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli – yum!

HonorFor being a kind and caring friend to people in our classroom.  Honor is always lending a hand to others and showing empathy to children.

Melissa – Diversity: For being open towards her learning with others in a positive manner.

Edward – Diversity:  being supportive to others in the playground to make sure they are included in play and feel a connection to others.

Kelcie – For using her thinking skills and being a leader during Maths.

Hai Na – Managing Self: Being well organised when working independently.

TJ – Managing Self:  Making good decisions in class and sharing his ideas.

Dominic – Embracing his learning and taking pride in his accomplishments.

Dash – For actively sharing his ideas with his Think Crew group.

Eden – Consistently participating in Think Crews and sharing her ideas with small groups and the whole class.

Principal’s Award:

Brennan – For noticing when others need support.

Upcoming Events…

Wednesday    11 March    6pm    Parent Consultation Evening—Leading the Way in Education

Wednesday    18 March    6pm    Home & School Parent Group Meeting

Wednesday      8 April      3pm    End of Term 1

Thursday          9 April                  Teacher-Only Day—SCHOOL CLOSED

Friday             10 April                  Good Friday—SCHOOL CLOSED

Monday         27 April                  ANZAC Day—SCHOOL CLOSED

Tuesday         28 April                  Teacher-Only Day—SCHOOL CLOSED

Wednesday   29 April      9am      Start of Term 2

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