Welcome to Rewa Rewa School

We are a warm and welcoming community where children gain skills to learn and live by.

Our programmes focus on literacy and numeracy, while incorporating all other aspects of the curriculum.

We have classes from Years 0-6 with a full after school care programme on site.  The size of our classes enables targeted learning programmes for children of all abilities, encouraging learning and social development.


In conjunction with the community, promote learning as an on going process of personal and social development.

"Learning for Life Together"

Our Goals

1. Our Learners... (Teaching & Learning) For our students to embrace all aspects of their education, developing a skill set for life long learning. To develop and master 21st century (contemporary) skills to participate in the modern world.   To promote pride in, and understanding of the heritage and culture of our students   To acknowledge and appreciate the unique partnership between Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders.  

2.   Our People.. (Personnel) An effective well balanced, connected team who are supported and developed in a manner that optimizes educational outcomes for all students.   To actively engage families/whanau and the local community in a collaborative working relationship.  

3.   Our Place… (Finance & Property) To effectively manage fiscal reponsibilities in order to maximize resources for the benefit of our learners.   To have an attractive, modern school environment, conducive to learning.  

4.   Our Wellbeing... (Health & Safety) To provide a physically safe, well maintained, high quality environment that challenges the physical and mental development of our children.   To provide an emotionally secure environment that promotes a sense of citizenship. 

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