Reminder – Curriculum Hui, The Resilience Project

18 Padnell Crescent Newlands Wellington 6037

Curriculum Hui at Rewa Rewa School

6pm, Tuesday 05 July 2022

The Resilience Project – Your Child’s Wellbeing

All parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend the upcoming hui  about this new programme at Rewa Rewa School.

RSVP to by Wednesday 29 June 2022.

Be the first to see what Rewa Rewa School’s data looks like!

Free childcare available by RSVP only, BYO snacks.

Note: if Covid-19 disrupts this evening, we will use a ZOOM platform to host this gathering.

Why are we teaching TRP to our students?

 It teaches our students how to be resilient and understand that feeling anxious can be successfully managed. Through the skills of showing gratitude, becoming more empathetic, being in the moment and supporting those around us we are teaching life skills which aim to support the mental health and wellbeing of our akonga/students.

How will we know it is making a difference to student wellbeing?

Each year Yr 3–6 students will undertake an online TRP survey which the University of Melbourne then collates. Students complete this anonymously, but responses can be sorted by year/school groups. This data provides our school with valuable insight into how our students are feeling and how we might then help them to build their resilience skills. Our data can also be compared with the norms collected from other TRP schools in NZ. We are also gathering similar data from our Yr 1-2 students, although they are not surveyed online.

When do we teach TRP lessons?

Each week a TRP lesson is undertaken, usually on a Monday, for approximately 40 minutes. We also try to weave our RIDE values and Active Learner skills into these sessions. Throughout the week, the key points from each lesson are referred to. Each child has their own TRP reflective journal.

What is covered in the lessons?

The teaching team selects which of the 30+ lessons will be taught each term. As we have composite classes, we are using odd/even year levels so that each year a new series of TRP lessons and journals can be used. Our school’s data helps us to select lessons to develop the areas of need identified.

What does a TRP Student journal look like?

Ask your child’s teacher to show you a TRP student journal. At the end of each year, your child will bring their journal home so that you can continue to recap on the learning they’ve experienced.

Introducing The Resilience Programme – Parent & Carer Video Series

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience.

This program is an important part of our school’s effort to care for the mental health of our community. View the video series at beginning with 1.Intro: Positive Mental Wellbeing Strategies.

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3-Way Conferences

Curriculum Hui – The Resilience Project

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