Rewa Rewa School Covid-19 Bulletin 1, Wk 8 Term 4 2021

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Covid-19 Bulletin 1—Traffic Light System at Rewa Rewa School

10 December 2021

As we move into using the Traffic Light system at Rewa Rewa School, the Board has discussed ways that we can manage this, so that we keep our community safe and informed, in a timely manner.

So that we have representative voice on decisions that will need to be made, we will use the following guidelines.

Rewa Rewa School Covid-19 Response Team (CRT)

  • A Covid Response Team (CRT) of 4 members will represent Rewa Rewa School and its decision-making with regard to Covid-19 Traffic Light Responses. This will be reviewed 3 monthly.
  • The CRT will consist of: Principal (management), Board member (governance and parent representation), staff member (Board rep and Acting Principal delegation), and Office manager (minute taking/communications).
  • The CRT will be responsible for reading and disseminating information from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and other government departments when making decisions about our response to Traffic Light systems, protocols and responses. If necessary, we may correspond with any of these groups to gain more clarity on matters that arise.
  • The CRT will endeavour to keep our community fully informed, in a timely manner, as to what they need to know and how it will affect our school community.
  • The CRT will meet as often as required, either onsite or by using an online platform such as Zoom.


We have been advised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to expect that no school will look the same. Depending on each school’s context and situation, different systems and protocols may be decided upon. e.g. Whether online learning is used at Red. Our CRT will  interpret MOE and Ministry of Health (MOH) directives to keep our community safe.  Parents can expect that changes and/or updates will occur on a regular basis, in response to a changing Covid environment.

Communication With Our Parent Community

Our main method of communication with our community as a response to immediate/short term decision-making will be via some/all of the following means:

  • Notifications—emailed, website home page banner, website Covid-19 box on home page, website/app alerts
  • School closed group Facebook page
  • Phone calls, where necessary. e.g. MOE directive to close the school immediately

Parent Protocols for Communicating

What should you do if have a question/point of view/wish to clarify a decision?

  • Please send your email to as your first point of contact. The CRT will respond to your communication via email or phone.
  • We ask that you communicate in a respectful way and understand that sometimes, decisions may not be as you/we would like them to be. However, they will be undertaken with the best intentions. It is our goal to support those in our community as best as we can.

We trust that our community will understand that the CRT will make the best decision/s for our school community, based on the information that we have available at the time. At times, there may need to be exceptions to the rule. At other times, decisions may need to change and quite quickly. Parents will need to be prepared for this.

The next Bulletin will sent to all families prior to the start of term 1, Wednesday 02 February 2022.  This will include the protocols that our school will be following under Orange and Red in the Traffic Light system.

Nga mihi


Rewa Rewa School Board

Mark Williams (Presiding Member),Jan Otene (Principal),  Naomi Godfrey, Charlotte Hills (Staff Rep), Angela Schleif

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